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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The soccer tournament of teen games is over. But i think that we have learnt much within ourselves.

I think that this is due to God's grace that our team has gotten together. I do not think that this team has been formed by just "chance" or "coincidence" cause i do not believe in either.

I think that OC's soccer team has, consciously or otherwise, bonded within themselves. I think that we have done well in that sense. We have found out each other's strengths and weaknesses and i think that we have somehow found a way to try to "fix" each other's flaws. I think that this is great as we are now more consicous to our personality flaws. I personally have also found out my own flaws and i can only thank this team for giving me the opportunity to try to change it.

You know, i wanted to have the team to "vote" for our best player of the tournament. But i changed my mine. Cause i think that every single one of the soccer player played above themselves. They played to their full potential. We do not have a team of individuals like when we first started out. We have bonded. And by God's grace, we have become a team. We have felt the pain of the losses and we have also enjoyed the euphoria of winning the matches.So i think that having the best player of the tournament is an insult to the rest of the team.

Although we have lost in the tournament, i think we can hold our heads high in the knowledge that this has certainly made us a better person.

And i thank all supporters who came and gave us their utmost support and the fun that we had. I finally understand the meaning of winning is not everything.

Thank you.

Report Card

Second Day for the soccer tournament.

First Match OC1 lost 0-1
Second Match OC1 won 3-0 (Walkover)
Third Match OC1 won 3-0 (Walkover)

So the stats remain the same as tuesday.

Lineup: Sean (Goalkeeper) Anton (Defensive Mid) Aloy (Attacking Mid) Jeremy (Striker) Hans (Striker) Dex (Striker)

Number of wins:5 Number of losses: 6
Total goal scored: 11 Total goal conceded:9

Captain's Ball Day 1!
Wednesday, June 21, 2006

After the soccer team's laudable performance yesterday, the U15 captain's ball girls' team commenced their endeavour for success today at NTU. After an afternoon of matches, they are currently among the top of their league, championing their rivals with scores like 23-2! If you'd like to support them, come down to NTU Sports & Recreation Centre this Friday at 1pm to catch their remaining matches. Look forward to seeing you there and till then, here are some photos...
The team that made it all happen

As quick and small as a squirrel

Pass the ball to me me me

A pause for recollection

Perfect swipe from our catcher

Impenetrable defence

The scores for OC1 for the soccer tournament for the first day.

First Match OC1 lost 1-0 Second Match OC1 lost 1-0 Third Match OC1 won 1-0
Fourth Match OC1 won 2-0 Fifth Match OC1 lost 2-0 Sixth Match OC1 lost 1-0
Seventh Match OC1 drew 0-0 ( But due to the rulebook, we lost 3-0 on default)
Eighth Match OC1 won 2-0

Top scorer: Jeremy (4Goals) Top Assist: Dex (3assist)
Top Clearance: Aloy (11 Clearance) Number of clean sheets: 4

Number of Wins: 3Number of Losses: 5

Lineup: Sean Wee (Goalkeeper) Aloy (Defensive Mid) Anton (Mid) Jeremy (Striker) Dex (Striker)

Captain: Aloy Vice Captain: Dex

Teen Games Part 2!
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Woah two against one
Ready as ever
He's small but he's feisty
Go Aloy go!
Don't worry, your turn will come guys
Look at that ball go!

Teen Games! Part 1!

Little Matthew says Hi!
Today's top scorer himself, Jeremy!
Dexter sprints off!
A Larisa look-alike!
Having a nice mud bath

Soccer's new poster boy
Nice socksSlacking around

Some Snaps from Camp
Monday, June 12, 2006

Shanice the Cuckoo Bird

Everybody smile!

Does that look goofy or what?

Asher in his most yandao pose

He huffed and he puffed and he blew that balloon up!

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hey! look what angela can do.

may god be with you.
Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Truth is Truth.
check this out (on the davinci)


church camp's just tomorrow. wanna guess how many basics( bro and sis in christ) went for camp last year??

A1. 30 youths.
A2. 15 youths.
A3. 7 youths.
A4. 24 youths.
A5. add all of the above altogether.

well, you'd be surprised, last year 4 June 2005 we had only 15 youths at church camp. guess how many is this years' total? you could most probably pick A5 for your answer. actually, im not really sure. its past 50 i've heard. and camp comm is most probably doing some last minute packeting and finding stuff like Bluetack and Ties.


im kind glad for church camp. cause it was at the same event last year that i got to know many brillent people whom i love very very much right now. im sure that those going this year would be filled with the spirit of god, love and fun.

but really, this aint about fun one bit. this is all about Love, the love god first gave so that we can now feel what love is, the respect and love you have for your family and friends. (: this is all about one person, God. Four days to some may seem much, or little... but four days with god , now thats different.

i mean, on Normal days, most of us probably spend less than 15minutes with god.
15 minutes is so short! thats my shower time (hehh... to those bunking with me, sorry, showers hogged.) four days experiencing the First Love ... (: yayness.

i pray for journey mercies. and a time for the holy spirit to come , and blow us away with the power and mercies and grace overflowing from god unto us. he love you so, he wants to give. whether you ask from him or not. ask and you shall be given (an answer , at least thats how i think i of it, you could ask and not be given whatever you ask for aka answer means No.) but what i know is he gives, More than what you want or asks for. for he knows the deepest desires of your hearts.

he knows you inside out. he knows what would bring you closer to him, and what will not.

okayy... so yeahh.. may his peace go with you. those working, dont think too much about work, just leave this four days in ONE YEAR solely to god. thats my pact. (: i hope its yours too. cause i know , if you do, you'd experience something so close to god you've never ever felt before.

in jesus name.

June campers. hey!
Thursday, June 01, 2006

hey guys, we have only recieved 30 shopping consent forms, so for those of you who haven't handed in forms, pls do so by this sunday, otherwise we can't allow you to go.

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