Grace VS Law
Saturday, April 15, 2006

Martha Undergrace was hurrying from her shift as a volunteer at the homeless shelter kitchen. Since the weather was cold, they had served many more hungry people that morning, and she was late in leaving.

As she drove to her Bible Study class at church, Martha exceeded the 55 MPH speed limit. Soon she noticed red flashing lights in the rearview mirror and she realized she was being pulled over by a traffic officer.

Officer Johnny Law explained "Mrs. Undergrace, you were driving 70 MPH in a 55 MPH zone and that is against the law. There is a severe penalty for this offense." Martha had a sinking feeling upon receiving this news.

Then she was amazed at Officer Law's declaration, "Mrs. Undergrace, even though you are guilty of this offense, I am granting you favor. For my own good pleasure, I will sacrifice and pay this penalty for you. I will also insure the offense does not appear on your driving record. Go and speed no more."

Martha was dumbfounded at Officer Law's charity, and she rejoiced and proclaimed her love for him and his selfless act. She told everyone she met about Johnny Law's grace, mercy and charity. She encouraged them to seek him out and ask him to cover their infractions too.

When Martha Undergrace drove away to her Bible Study Class... (You complete the sentence by choosing A or B...)

A. ... she was relieved that the law was done away with and drove 70 MPH whenever she pleased. Officer Law took no further action. He Wept.

Many years later when Martha was before the entrance committee screening her application for admission to the exclusive, high security, gated, elegant New Kingdom neighborhood, she was charged with non-submission, reckless behavior, causing a child to stumble, and working iniquity. When her kinsman redeemer and advocate appeared before the judge to arrange for her release, He noted her encounter with Officer Law and replied, "Depart from me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you". Her application was refused and she was remanded to live in the dreadful neighborhood called Outer Darkness where there was weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!


B. ...she joyously accepted the grace offer and in LOVING RESPONSE to Officer Law's sacrifice, Martha Undergrace thereafter, diligently and willfully obeyed the traffic rules. The speed limit remained 55 MPH - the law was not abolished. Her penalty for breaking the law was paid for by another.

Martha Undergrace could not abuse Officer Law's charity by assuming she was above the law and free to break it at will. She accepted His grace and vowed to show her love through obedience. Officer Law left to prepare Martha's home in the New Kingdom neighborhood.

PS. The correct answer is "B".

This is our response to the grace vs. law issue. We have been freed from the penalty of our sin (death), but we are not free to abuse Our Heavenly Father, YHWH's sacrifice of His only begotten son, Yahshua, by living a lawless life. The law remains intact...our penalty has simply been paid for by the death and resurrection of our kinsman redeemer, Yahshua.


amen amen amen!!! :) btw, which Chris is this? :D
christopher ng
it's awesome dood!
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