Wednesday, December 21, 2005

its been a while since i posted.


camp is offically over. but i just help but to stop and think about all the amazing things the lord has done for us, in us, with us at this camp.

do you remember:
the alter call? when everyone just broke down.

do you remember:
the awesome awesome Awesome worship?

do you remember:
pong's special dance?

do you remember:
your group bonding?

do you remember:
gala night? having your parents standing there, stunned. wondering "what just went through my kid?!" (: *smile smile*

do you remember:
the little song dedications sent out.

do you remember:
people just praying for other people. people just asking how the other person was feeling?

do you remember:
our wednesday huddle?

do you remember:
the bed mites eating into your skin? hehe.

yes i do. im just really really really touch by how God has used us to work for his camp. to bring people closer to him. to expand his kingdom. he has really blessed us hasnt he? i pray that we'll share that blessing that he has given to us unto others.

it really touches me to see people seeking God. it really touches me to see the 'one community' that we are. it really touches me to see that each and everyone of us were having fun.

before the camp comm headed out for camp. we said we'll go in faith. and God would take over all. yes, and he did as he promised. now, we're all back home, in clean shirts, all nice smelling and with no mites biting... i pray that we'll never forget what we've learnt at camp-our two way relationship with God and with those around us.

at gala night, i just felt a proclaimation for our father in heaven... i felt that we were a testimony to our parents and family... i felt overwhelmed by how God gave us this time of bonding and how he has carried it through... and will always will.

i just wanna say, as a child of God, lets all be proud of Our Heavenly Father. lets all go out in Faith and proclaim his name. as a child of God, we'll be persecuted, but this i want to tell you all, you've the one who sat beside you at sermons, during lunch or had fun with... that would always be by your side. we're never alone, because we're the One Community. at the very end of the day, the lord will see... he'll bless and protect. he'll honour what we've done for him because he had first loved us.

i also wanna thank the facililators, camp comm, PEW, MEL, CHERYL, PONG and those who came for this camp. thank you guys for showing me what Love vertically with God and horizontally with Human really really means.

the lord sees us, and is proud of us. just as Pew is... right, pew?? (:

.:: i heart you ::.
i thank god for pastor gary who prayed for us all.

Right On!!!
must also thank my brudder cherns. he da-man!
Yes, he da man!!
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