music, anyone?
Saturday, October 15, 2005

hello everyone! (:

it has become apparent that most of your exams are over and that it's becoming extremely dangerous right now. so, in order to save as many lives as possible (no kidding), also aware that there are many aspiring musicians in our midst (not forgetting auntymich who's taking drum lessons -cheers-), i thought it'd be cool if i introduced a really good music school to you guys...

it's called Believer Music Initiative and that's where i learnt how to play the guitar (teach the keyboard and do vocal training as well). and well, the reason why i’m actually advertising for them over here is simply this: their courses are designed to equip musicians for the purpose of worshipping God.

that’s right, all courses (they cater for beginners, intermediate and even more pro musicians as well) is taught by Christians who know what it means not only to play well, but to play for God.

in fact, every lesson in itself is dedicated as a time of worship, where prayer and the reading/study of scriptures accompany the learning of your chosen instrument.

you will learn how to play Christian songs and it’s an excellent opportunity to meet other believers, both young and old (this is for aunties and uncles too!), from other churches, who share in the same desire of using their talents for God too!

their convenient location (International Plaza) beside the Tanjong Pagar MRT station, which is like one stop from Raffles Place interchange, is a plus point. plus, no worries abt not being able to make your lessons coz you can schedule make-up lessons online. they even send out devotions by email during the week and stuff as well! not like it’s really important, but hey, they also offer members special discounts on selected Christian books and CDs too.

it’s not that i’m trying to say that there’s no one in church who will be willing to teach you how to play these instruments or whatever, but yes, it’s definitely a great way to learn. i enjoyed my beginner course so much that i went back for more of their high level ones. with Believer Music, i think i not only learnt how to play the guitar, but how to really use the instrument to enrich my personal walk with God as well. it really helped me grow spiritually.

so yes, think abt it. i think only the registration for guitar course in the holidays are still open, but hey, do give them a call if you’re really interested. their classes may not actually be full and stuff. but yeah, even then, try to act fast. like rope in as many people as you can in church/school/wherever to do the course with you as well, it would sure make your experience more enjoyable (not like it isn’t already).

anyhow, i have said more than enough already. really time for me to get back to my studies as well. don’t mind me, but please help me pray for my exams... yeah? timetable's on my blog. thanks! and yes, i shall not keep this to myself anymore :
really hope you do consider and that it’ll bless you as it has for me...

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