That feeling of being left out...
Monday, September 05, 2005

...sometimes creeps into our minds...
"They belong to a group I'm not part of..."
"I won't fit in..."
"I'm an extra...why should I go and make myself feel unwanted?"
That horrible feeling of being "LEFT OUT"...

I know how it feels. Yes, surprise, surprise...coming from me...Chris...
Many a times, I feel that I'm not able to contribute the way so many people, especially those in the worship team, can. I can't play any instruments well enough to be put on worship duty; I can't sing well enough to be put on backup singing duty; I can't this...I can't that. I can only be an EXTRA!
Moreover, the worship team is...THE WORSHIP TEAM. I'm sooooo not part of that group.

Well, I guess we can't help feeling like that sometimes. But I've just found out something that I'd like all those who feel so "out of it" know. They ARE trying their best! To make us feel loved, to make us feel belonged...
A card to say hello...
A phone call to ask how's it going...
An invitation to Sat's meetings...
A smile...
But there's only so much they can do. It's true...
Count the number of them...VERSUS...the number of us...
The ratio's probably a shocking 1:5! And with say, 15 of them, there're another 75 of us???

I think those of us who feel left out should be less sensitive and should not allow the "Spirit of offence" enter out hearts and say that "so and so" are being insensitive about us. Instead, we should allow ourselves to be more sensitive to their numbers and the love they they are trying so hard to give to us...just perhaps, little by little...slower than our hearts expect, BUT eventually...

So, let's make things easier. For them, for us...
Let's Join them on Saturdays. They have something to share and we probably have something to offer...
Through worship and praise to God, our Father. And MAKAN after!!! :0)

thank you chris!! (:

yes really. you totally spelt out everything in black and white that i've been really upset about. its bloody true.

but hey, everyone in OC counts. serious. i mean, it'd definitely feel weird w/o any other one of u. just seeing someone u frequently see missing, just makes u feel that way. i cant really explain, but hope u guys understand what i mean.. hehe.

one person i must really really thank: UNCLE PONG!

without pongKORKOR, there'll be no us. no OC in the midst of growing. no OC having fun. no OC gatherings/outings. no meeting other OC peeps of other lvls. if pong had ever felt down and dishearted by our super nonresponse worship, i really wanna say IM SORRY.

but... want u to know YOU TOUCHED SO MANY OF OUR HEARTS OUT THERE! and no amount of thank you we can give for letting urself be used by God-going thru a zillion million times or dishearting past. but ... u've really allowed us to see how God works thru people's lives.

big thank you on behalf of many.

may god bless n continue to use u in his shelter and grace. amen. (:
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