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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hey guys!

I just want to add on to what Chris mentioned in her post below...

though i'm like all the way here in Sydney, i have still managed to keep in touch with a number of ppl from the OC and have constantly been talking to them abt what's happening up there. anyway, i must really say that some of these people are really trying very hard not to exclude anyone or make anyone feel let out. really, when i talk to some of them, i sometimes feel so sorry for them because these mates of yours really really want to get to know you and include you in the things that they do. but, it's just not possible because as Chris mentioned, you outnumber them! and it's really unfair to them if i don't mention this, because they have actually taken it upon themselves to shoulder this huge burden: to try and make everyone feel belonged and loved by the OC. they are really trying and i can tell that it's pouring from their hearts. but the magnitude of this goal just requires everyone to put in some effort as well...

think about it this way... our very existance is based on relationships. Jesus captured the significance of theTen Commandments in Exodus, summing it up in the two greatest commandments, found in Matthew 22:36-40. They are in order, "love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind," and, "love your neighbour as yourself." And what do the both of them talk about? relationships! yes, not only relationships with each other, but a relationship with God as well - that's what life and life eternal is all about!

i'm sure all of us want to go to heaven, but have any of you thought abt who we're gonna be there with? sure, there'll be God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with all the angels, but have you ever considered that you're gonna be in heaven with the very people you're on earth with right now? like that's what our relationships with each other are supposed to be - brothers and sisters through Christ. the thing is, why wait until you get to heaven to enjoy what God has planned for us in the form of relationships with each other? NOW is the time everyone of us should get involved in loving and caring for each other...

again, ask yourselves another question by putting in the context of our spiritual lives. Jesus is always there trying to get to us and our hearts. and esp in the face of sin and temptation, have you ever turned your head to see how hard He's trying to tug at you? a lot of times, and i admit it myself, we conveniently forget abt how Jesus is always by our side, even when bad things happen. and we usually find ourselves giving into selfish, negative and destructive thoughts and behaviours. in this case, it may be thinking that you'll never fit in, but that's actually not true! and as with all the other tricks the devil plays on us, the truth is usually shaded from us. and every case, it mostly boils down to whether we can or even want to remember that Jesus is always there to help us through. remember the love He showed us on the cross... He took the first step in trying to have a complete relationship with us. what should our response to that be?

well, okay. i think i've sorta loaded you with really heavy stuff. but i hope you see how everything fits in together...

i really do hope that those who feel left out will take steps to get and know others as well. like make it easier on everyone. a simple smile, handshake or "hello" maybe all that's required to start finding yourself having so much fun. and even if it doesn't or didn't hit off right the first few times, keep at it too! you know you'll be rewarded for your faithfulness.

one more thing. i would also personally like to get to know more of you as well... even with the distance, thank God for technology! my email address is or you could add me on msn at like, i just thought i'd lead by example as well. haha. yes. please have a think abt what i've written. esp that part with our spiritual lives because we all do face the same problems as well. and if you feel like talking abt anything, don't hesistate to email me aight? haha (:

God bless!

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