Saturday, September 17, 2005

house agendas:

tagboards- let me explain why there's 2 tagboards, the first tagboard is our prayer request board. so all your prayer request goes there. the second tagboard which is the super duper long one is where all your tags about everything/anything else goes.

chatroom- in case you pop in the chat room and find there's no one inside, and you end up talking to out to yourself. i'm sure you'll be pleased to inform there's always a pool inside every night chatting, you can join us at that time (: and uh, once again, the chatroom button is the coffecup button on the right.

i think i'm gonna let this float for a while, just something to reflect on, if you have any suggestions on things we could improve on or do to get to know one another, you can bring it up (: we're always open to that.

a person: you guys always say that you want the entire oc down, but really, you guys dont reaally seem to care about us during service.. just mixing around in your own little "worship clique".

chris: Give us some time. There're more of you than there are us. One step at a time. One person at a time. Sorry to be slow in getting to you. If only you could tell us who you are, we can cut the queue and reach out to you sooner...

cheryl: i'm soooo really sorry, but that isn't true, the worship team started with just musicians, but those who have actually come downed on sat to join us later on sats, stayed on with us (: and i'm sure we must have given them a reason to stay on.

cheryl: we've since grown twice our size. a person, have you actually given us that chance to allow us to get to know you? cause' as chris said, there's so many of you guys, if you don't give us a chance, it's kinda difficult 4 us to go round everybody personally

cheryl: frankly speaking, i think the term worship team is being used wrongly here, we're just a bunch a people who want to show our love for god more than through music but through our hearts (:

pew: It takes two to tango. My advice to most people, including the adults of our church is: Don't wait for others to approach you, approach them instead. Take the first step and you will notice how much difference that little step can make. Give it a try.

pew: Will be praying for you "a person" and those going through the same struggle. Even though we have no idea who you are...My Boss, God knows and I will leave it to Him to do the necessary. Hang in there!

pong: cherz is right. join us. we luurvve u!

yeah, i agree. somehow it seems like we're some clique, and to be honest, we are, to a certain extent. Every youth group has one, not that it's excusable. Still. i DID feel that way until i talked to pple and realized that they're pretty decent.
2 to tango!
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