For God.
Sunday, September 18, 2005

hey peeps.

thought i'll share some stuffs we talked bout today.
today was really fun. we had this AWESOME time of spirit-filled sharing and worshipping and just praising the lord. (:

firstly, heres what uncle pong told us about sacrificing. defination? to give more than our limits and what we have. With Our HEARTS and desire of wanting to give. yes. sometimes we come to church, for ? hmm... yes, some just want to worship the lord, know his word, some... cause they were dragged by their parents!!! hahas. *winkx winkx* but, ultimately... guys, what jesus has done for us is truly like no other. who would die for strangers? who would not get angry for someone who betrayed him? and who would forgive wholeheartedly what that person has done?

Jesus did! (: Sometimes i wonder if i can ever pay back what he has given us... By offerings i've tried... But only to find he has given back so much more. Trying to do many other stuffs... spreading the gospel, giving a smile, using the gifts he's given me to touch others. yes... but only to realize that He gives back more. Be it a fun-filled time spent with family or frens, be it just with our grades, competition, etc. We really cannot give back what he's given us. Although we try hard to return him all he has done for us, even if its from the deepest of our hearts... The love he gives cannot be measured or compared. and for that, i thank him... thats the only thing i can say.

Trying from the deepest of my heart, i know that words carry sometimes so much more significence [aiyah, dont know how to spell] than some of our actions we do that we secretly do unto others without telling them that it comes from our hearts. In hope that they would know why we do so... as an act of thanks.

The truth is, sometimes, not all our actions are seen by our friends/family. Which i bet is quite disheartening at times.

But God does see your heart... and not only that. The response you give/show him through our actions is an action of sacrifice and thanksgiving and praise. (: Though those around us may not see how our actions-expressions "Action speaks bigger than words" but theres one person im certain who does. Thats God.


Secondly, Uncle pong challenged us to NOT hang out with your clique for the 10-15min before and after OC. Instead open your eyes big big in search of those whom you have yet talked to or seen in OC. YES!!! God has placed a chance for you to get to know others and to spread the gospel, reach out to others, and bring them into the kingdom of God. Heh.... As uncle pong said "Once a vister walks out of the church without anyone having to follow-up/feel homey... That window-chance God has given us has been shut." [my interpretation of his short short sentence... hahas]

Thats true. Imagine walking into Macdonals. Look around you, how many do you know are christians? How many has yet to know the good news, the truth. As each day passes, how many people die without knowing and accepting God? How many ETERNAL DEATHS are there? As each second pass, as each day pass, the guy/girl sitting beside you in class may die without knowing God... [choy!!! touch wood]

We sometimes get too caught up in chasing God, we sometimes only care about OUR ETERNAL LIFE with God... However, what does God truly want? Expansion of His kingdom, more people to know him, more people to accept him in response of his love, more people to obey him. How long are we gonna wait? By the time we wait for the courage to speak, one person may be gone during the period of us searching for our courage. Every opportunity gone, who knows if there would ever be a next? So guys, dont wait. Its now or never... (:

Let's try this out kay? For God. (:

.:: He deserves all praise ::.

Clar, thank you for posting...But you must release your dislike hor...especially for you know who....
By the way, I truly thank God for you.
yeah, was food for thought
you go clar! (:
significance.that's how you spell it =)
Good stuff, Claris.
Some verses that support what you're sharing:
1 Samuel 16:7 - The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
Colossians 3:23 - Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men.
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